I am concerned about the health of my family, but I am not optimistic about the consumption of tap water! So I started looking for a water filter. I needed a Water Filter W10295370 After I found it, I installed it. It was exactly what it was supposed to do. I’m sure all people are complaining about this taste and the mist does not follow directions. You must flush a lot of water (4 gallons) first. The water only looks foggy, because the filter is squeezed through hundreds of thousands of porous holes, which is the filtration. So in the first few days, you will get all these small bubbles from the porous wells. It will disappear in a few days. After replacing the water filter, I marked the time of replacement on the above, I found that each can be used for 6-6.5 months, we use it a lot! This is the main source of water in our home because of the big purchase. You can really taste the difference it creates! Friends home is Water Filter W10295370A as good as ours.

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